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Your Guide to Onsite and Offsite Options

Discover the parking options at our venue to make your visit as smooth as possible. Whether you're staying overnight, dining, or attending an event, we've got you covered with convenient onsite and offsite parking. Learn about the validation process, costs, and exclusive benefits for our guests, so you can focus on enjoying your time with us.


Offsite Parking

  • We offer complimentary parking for guests staying with us, those dining at any of our restaurants, visitors to our Central Pool, and attendees of events at our venue. If you are visiting for one of these reasons, you can park offsite at no cost.
  • Although we don't have the exact address for the offsite parking, it's on Cecil Cook Avenue. Please refer to the map attached, which was previously sent to you.
  • To validate your parking ticket, please visit our Reception desk. If you're an external guest or visiting the Central Pool, you'll need to show a valid dining receipt or event ticket.

Onsite Parking

  • Onsite parking is exclusively for guests staying with us. It is not available for external guests, those dining at our restaurants, or event attendees.
  • Our onsite parking is located at the Mercure Darwin Airport Resort. The cost is $20 per car per night, with a 24-hour rotation period.
  • To reserve onsite parking, speak with our Reception team upon arrival. Please note that this is on a first-come, first-served basis. However, we are working on offering online reservations through as part of a package deal.