April 16, 2018

ANZAC day 2018: lest we forget

Remembering our ANZAC day history and honoring those who fought

April 25th marks an important day for us Australians. Commemorating the brave Australian and New Zealand soldiers who fought at the battle of Gallipoli, ANZAC day has become a day for us to remember not only an important day in our history, but our military history since then.

This year is even more momentous, as 2018 marks the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI.

Minister for Veterans Affairs, Darren Chester says "as the last year of the Anzac Centenary, 2018 is an important year for Australians to commemorate those who have served our country and to learn about Australia’s military history so that it is remembered for generations to come.”

How Australians will celebrate ANZAC day 2018

All across the country, Australians - both young and old - will commemorate the day at dawn services, parades and military events.

Prince Charles will join our Prime Minister at the Australian National Memorial in France, and at Gallipoli thousands of Australians and New Zealanders will gather for the Dawn Service at the ANZAC Commemorative Site.

Here in Darwin, we’ll see thousands of locals gather together to commemorate our ANZAC heroes at our annual ANZAC day parade.

The Darwin ANZAC day 2018 dawn service will begin at 6 am on Wednesday the 25th at Bicentennial Park where veterans, families and locals will stand together to remember our ANZAC history and honor those who fought.

The Bombing of Darwin: when war was brought to Australian shores

This military history hits close to home for us here in Darwin.

Not only have we lost soldiers at Gallipoli, but the reality of war hit our shores during WWII when the Bombing of Darwin happened.

On February 19, 1942, Darwin’s port was struck twice by Japanese bombers. 252 Allied service personnel and civilians lost their lives that day. The city continued to be hit with subsequent attacks, up until November.

This February marked the 76th anniversary of the bombing where thousands gathered to commemorate this historic moment. As we approach ANZAC day, the Darwin community will once again join together to remember what happened.

“By remembering what happened here in Darwin, and by sharing the knowledge of war with future generations — we inspire them to shape a peaceful future,” - Lord Mayor Kon Vatskalis

Darwin Airport Hotels: why we’re honoring our ANZAC soldiers

“ANZAC day is a day that has become deeply rooted in Australian history and culture. For the team here at Darwin Airport Hotels, we want to take the time to remember and support the brave women and men who fought and died to protect us.

“While Gallipoli was a military failure, it’s important for all of us Australians to continue to remember our military history, and allow the future generations to connect with the ANZAC spirit that’s so important to all Australians.” - Kayte, General Manager